Apart from the flagship NUIDEA program, VDC also launched a foundational course, named VDC111, on Entrepreneurship & Innovation for all the freshmen year students at GITAM agnostic of the institute. All of these programs are run with the support of highly qualified and seasoned start-up coaches.
Principals of Entrepreneurship (PoE)- PoE is a super foundational level course aimed at delivering the first principles of Entrepreneurship that includes an entrepreneurs journey assessment and the fundamentals of accounting & marketing with about 3 hours of highly engaging content with real-life examples & use-cases.
Venture Discovery (VDC111)- VDC111 is a foundational course on Entrepreneurship &Innovation for all the freshmen year students at GITAM across three campuses, agnostic of the institute of their enrolment. All of these programs are run with the support of highly qualified and seasoned start-up coaches from diverse backgrounds.
NUIDEA (Northeastern University's IDEA) is a flagship program consisting of three stages as part of the venture building process: Ready Stage- focussed on Customer Validation; Set Stage-focussed on Building the Business Model; Go Stage- Launching, Scaling & Funding. This program helps foster the development of entrepreneurs through the educational experience of developing a business from concept to launch. We strive to provide a holistic experience for our ventures through support, in-kind resources, and opportunities to engage in experiential learning.

Student Club

Complementing the VDC’s actions, we have E-Clubs on all three campuses that are entirely student-run. Our E-Clubs, drive various initiatives that prompt and promote Entrepreneurship & conducts multiple events throughout the 365 days like Speaker Series, Chai-Chats, Workshops, MySOIL, FUEL, Bootcamps and many more. E-Clubs aims to enhance students’ overall entrepreneurial skills by honing their organisational and management skills. Further, the E-Club brings the student community some great networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, government officials, think tanks and resource persons from various fields. Click here to know more about the E-Club.


Going for higher education to get an International MBA has always been my goal since the early days of my undergraduate education. So, I always meticulously opted for activities that would help me gain the necessary skills to achieve the same. The opportunity & learning that VDC offered was the most defining one of all. The journey of building my venture through VDC’s NU-IDEA was certainly challenging yet rewarding. It helped me get admitted into one of the best management schools in Europe with a scholarship too.

G M L N Sowmya

NutriBliss, was our venture in the holistic nutrition space for school children. The NU-IDEA program at VDC undeniably exposed us to the pragmatic aspects of building a startup from scratch & the real-world business problems beyond our MBA classes. The learning was enriching; feedback was constructive; the spirit, adeptness, enthusiasm, and involvement of our coach- Mr Susanth Mahapatro, was infectious. Our coach’s unwavering support & passion extended beyond VDC’s framework and was instrumental for our team’s success.

Venu Gopal Budumuru

My entrepreneurial journey started with the internship at VDC, building my venture. The NU-IDEA program from Northeastern University, frequent guest lectures, and weekly pitching sessions helped me get great insights into holistic development, which later helped me with my placement. In addition, the recruiters lucidly could assess my level of thinking and the depth of knowledge I gained through this journey with VDC & my venture. VDC was undoubtedly a great support system to achieve my goals!

Ajitha Irlapati


TiE University Global Pitch competition 2021-Deltanow

Abhishikth C & Sai Charan K

Global Finalist with over $13,000 US in prizes.

Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA) 2021- Deltanow

Abhishikth C & Sai Charan K

First runner-up with about $1,000 US in prizes.

TiE AP University Pitch competition 2021- Deltanow

Abhishikth C & Sai Charan K

Winner with about $1,000 US in prizes.

TiE Andhra Pradesh At IIT-Tirupati- Hydrogravitricity

Anik P, Sashikanth P & Prithvi T

Winner of Tirustava B-PLAN contest with about $12000 US in prizes.

Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA) 2021- Chisyoride

Chaitanya NSV


ASSOCHAM Launchpad Pitching Competition- Hearing Tooth

Thrinay P

Winner of Tirustava B-PLAN contest with about $12000 US in prizes.