Our Vision

To facilitate an active and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem on the campus.

Our Mission

To co-create activities focussing on student's active participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem from various other clubs in the University, which in turn contributes to the vibrant functioning entrepreneurial ecosystem on the campus.

Think big,Start small,Learn fast!

-Eric Ries

About Us

The Venture Development Centre (VDC) was launched in collaboration with Northeastern University, Boston, to roll-out its flagship NU-IDEA program in Entrepreneurship. The NU-IDEA program is a tried & tested start-up ecosystem model at Northeastern, which has evolved over the past ten years aiming at making student ideas and ventures market-ready. The NU-IDEA program officially kicked-off on 28th January 2020 at the GITAM Visakhapatnam campus.

The growing significance of entrepreneurship and unprecedented support extended by the Governments for the development of the culture of Entrepreneurship,The E-club under the aegis of Venture Development Centre aims at delivering for students beneficial programs. And with versatile experience of our mentors in the domain of Entrepreneurship, provides for comprehensive insights on how Entrepreneurship influences and shapes the economy and its potential contribution to the economic growth & prosperity of a country.


Past events

Ready Set Go Induction

Thursday February 5 2020

Chai-Chats with Sri.M.Bharat

Friday February 14 2020

Future events

Speaker Series

Dates to be revealed soon.

Our Portfolios

Workshop & Bootcamp

This functions of E-Club plans and delivers a series of workshops and boot camps with the motive to foster skill-based education and awareness on entrepreneurship amongst the campus community.

Event Management

This function of E-Club handles all the events of E-Club and VDC, as the success of any event depends largely on its planning and executing by timely obtaining all the necessary resources.

Creative Design

This function of E-Club handles all the designing- both graphic and video stack. Also, they do the photo & video shooting, editing and releasing all the media of those programs or events on the campus by both E-Club & VDC.


This function of E-Club creates an informal setting(s) to meet like-minded people interested in common topics, such as technology, food, education, sports, etc.

Content Writing

This function of E-Club is responsible for everything you read and all the communications you get on the social media or otherwise regarding any events or programs of both the E-Club and VDC.

Marketing & Publicity

This function of E-Club aims to achieve the primary goal of any initiative taken by E-Club and VDC by spreading the awareness of those initiatives, tasks and programs.

Speaker Series

This function of E-Club plans and executes speaker series events that hold the reputation as a platform where the GITAM fraternity can both gain the knowledge, and as well as get inspired by the life experiences and stories of successful personalities in the field of business i.e entrepreneurs, innovators, business executives, business-men and business-women.


Women Initiated Social Entrepreneurship.

This function of E-Club primarily promotes the idea of entrepreneurship among women, especially in economically backward communities through collective goal-orientation groups, self-help groups, cooperatives, etc by offering all the skills needed through learning and development of these women. This directly impacts the GDP of the country, while delivering some of the greatest microcosmic innovations.


FUture Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

This function of E-Club focuses on the K-12 category of schools and colleges in the surrounding communities. It conducts programs to encourage entrepreneurship as a career choice for the eager young minds of today and the future leaders of tomorrow by promoting innovation and critical thinking concepts.


This function of E-Club is responsible for designing contests to encourage idea building, idea pooling and idea execution amongst the university fraternity and to recognize the innovative thinking and fostering the culture of building successful businesses.


Societal Outreach for Individual Learning. This function of E-Club provides opportunities and encourages students of the university to recognize, develop and work on bringing awareness on innovation and entrepreneurship in the communities around them, collectively with innovative, sustainable and entrepreneurial approaches.

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