Current Openings

Job Title Venture Coach (VC) ā€“ Venture Development Centre
Job Location Visakhapatnam/Hyderabad/Bengaluru
Roles and Responsibilities Reporting to the Director ā€“ VDC (in Visakhapatnam) or the Deputy Director (Hyderabad & Bengaluru)
  • The VC leads or is part of Coaching teams (Faculty/Alumni/Students) assigned to them and fulfil all requirements for completing RSG (NU-IDEA Ready, Set, Go) program.
  • The VC should actively scout for innovations across the campus(es) in their assigned disciplines and enroll them in the RSG program.
  • The VC should conduct relevant outreach activities, workshops, master classes, etc. to attract Faculty/Alumni/Student to be part of the RSG program.
  • As appropriate, the VC should participate in education/Training activities in entrepreneurship (Including assisting in the VDC 111/VEDC1011 and minor program).
  • The VC should track the progress of the coaching teams and ensure that all records/documents are accurately filled and maintained.
  • The VC should Drive outreach activities to bring more traction to the VDC.
  • The VC should ensure continuous professional development of AVC's in their teams in partnership with the Senior Venture Coach (SVC).
  • The VC should actively utilize the venture mentor network for the benefit of venture teams.
  • The VC should actively and effectively utilize all ecosystem elements to drive value added delivery from the venture teams.
Interpersonal Skills
  • The VC shall be a dynamic and confident person who shows significant leadership skills.
  • The VC should be committed to actively coaching student/faculty/alumni teams to ensure that their ideas/solutions reach the stage where they can be launched.
  • The VC should continuously promote innovation-based entrepreneurship culture by reaching out to students and faculty across their domain areas.
  • The VC should be experienced in entrepreneurship skill development and should have a broad understanding of the ecosystem.
  • The VC should be fully versed and should actively utilize the pre-incubation process to drive successful outcomes. Experience in an educational or research organization is highly desirable.
  • The VC should ideally be a proactive individual with excellent communication skills and potential to be a leader.
  • The VC should be able to work well in a team and demonstrate the ability to actively cooperate with the rest of the coaching fraternity.
  • The VC should actively contribute towards the development of AVCs within their team.
Education & Experience A VC should possess minimum of an MBA Degree with consistently good/outstanding academic record, with at least 2-3 years of experience working in an entrepreneurship pre-incubation environment, preferably in an educational or research organization.
Contact Information Please drop your CVā€™s to the following Email: